Aglow with the Light of Learning

The evening before Diwali break is always a special one for Shiv Nadar School, Noida. It is our occasion to celebrate light and learning, and put on display the creative sparks which emerge out of the curriculum when it is engaged with in an experiential manner. It is the evening of Funkaar Week culmination, also celebrated as ‘Jyotirgamay’ – or the symbolic walk towards light of knowledge and wisdom. Continue reading

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An Exploration of the Earth

The first floor corridor of Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, remained noisy and messy the entire past week. However, this noise emanated from animated discussions on concepts of science and social science and the mess was a result of the creativity of the 6th graders who occupy that corridor. Students scurried about, but with a purpose. They giggled when their experiment yielded expected observations. And they dabbled freely and carelessly in colours to put their learnings onto paper. Continue reading

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In Conversation – Dr. Sneha Chakradhar

Dr. Sneha Chakradhar is an artist in the true sense of the word. Not only is she a Bharatanatyam danseuse par excellence, she is also a sociology student capable of traversing across disciplines in seamless, fluid movements. She experimented with Kathak and Odissi before deciding that her real calling lay in remaining a student of Bharatanatyam. Besides dance, she has also learnt music at an early age, and done her masters in theatre from Australia. Not just this, Sneha has tried her hand at film-making too! Continue reading

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Fire by the Moonlight

Excitement is an inadequate word to describe the kind of buzz we heard in the school at the announcement of an overnight stay, for the primary departments at Noida and Faridabad. When our regular school days turn out to be so much fun, it was thrilling to imagine how much enjoyment a night stay at school would carry along. Fun, however, was not the only objective behind organizing a stay at school. There are many diverse aims which this kind of an interaction with the school space and people helps achieve, and we’ll walk through some in this post. Continue reading

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Art from the Heart!

I create melody through my brush strokes
I dance to the rhythm of my heart
I perform to reveal my imagination
I add colour to life through art! Continue reading

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Art Out Loud

Art has a language of its own. Artists, those painting their thoughts on a canvas, are creatures of few words. They allow their creations to do the talking. A glimpse at the riot of colours they conjure in their artwork can reveal the myriad emotions their minds are brimming with. Continue reading

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From Darkness to Light

Nothing illuminates like knowledge does, and the brightest flame of knowledge can be attributed to that which is realised by doing, understanding and learning things yourself. The Funkaar Week is one such concept dedicated to experiential learning, where students engage in multiple activities designed to achieve curriculum objectives without using textbooks and classroom teaching techniques. Not only this, Funkaar is also a time to collectively explore aspects of our arts and heritage which have somewhat taken a backseat in the contemporary scenario. Continue reading

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Giving Art A Direction

We spent time last week interacting with many young artists, with burgeoning streaks of creativity and imagination. They’ve all spoken highly of how art inspires them and adds meaning to their life. A few also expressed interest in taking up art and imagination as serious career decisions. Thankfully, they have all been born in an era where creative expression finds enough outlets as feasible career opportunities. This blog-post is dedicated to presenting a very basic list of the exciting future prospect that the field of art and design encompasses. Continue reading

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Expressing the Diversity of Arts

The length, breadth, extent and history of art forms in Indian is known to be superlatively rich. Be it theatre, music, dance, or even fine arts, it is nigh impossible to create an exhaustive directory which encompasses all the facets of these art forms, because, even as you read these lines, these are forms are undergoing a continuous evolution. A Kathak dance changes its form and subtle nuances when it travels from Lucknow to Benaras. Similarly, the way the tabla is played changes drastically in the journey from Delhi to Ajrara. Continue reading

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A Confluence of Arts

Art flourishes through mingling. Inspired thoughts rumble out of a confluence of art forms and performers. For an artist, coming together of people practicing different types of art is never an occasion for chaos and confusion; rather, it is fertile seeding ground for creativity. Something, similar was experienced by our team of five artists from Shiv Nadar School, Noida – Ananya, Harshini, Aakriti, Krishna and Rudra – who had the opportunity of being a part of SPIC MACAY’s International Convention, 2015. Continue reading

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