First Is, Indeed, Forever

On the afternoon of 18th March, when their nursery class was empty of the usual chirps of the tiny ones, Monica and Sunaina were involved in a curious activity. They were neatly cutting out little hand impressions of their students to fold and store in memory jar. “This is the first and youngest batch of the school. This is our way of preserving their presence and memories”, informs a visibly emotional Monica Rishi, among the first five teachers to have joined the Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad team. Now imagine, when a child, whose tiny imprints are being preserved by the school, reaches twelfth and puts his hand inside this memory jar, what a flood of emotions would envelope him. From that little hand, to now a graduating student – the entire journey would come unfolding, right in front of their eyes. The school, along with him, would have come of age. Continue reading

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Art Out Loud

Art has a language of its own. Artists, those painting their thoughts on a canvas, are creatures of few words. They allow their creations to do the talking. A glimpse at the riot of colours they conjure in their artwork can reveal the myriad emotions their minds are brimming with. Continue reading

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Sportstars Galore

This week, we introduced you to some of our outstanding soccer champions, who’re poised to make a great name for themselves in times to come. The sporting world at Shiv Nadar School, however, stretches far and wide, encompassing many activities which students pick for themselves through the well-structured programme of Aha! Sports. We interacted with a few of our budding sportstars to know what motivates them, why do they pick one sport over the other, and why do they think sports are important in a school curriculum, and here is what they shared with us – Continue reading

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A Dream Goal!

If there is one name that a player, fan or follower of football takes with utmost reverence and awe, it is Manchester United. Probably the most worshipped football club in the world, it remains a dream for many to just watch them in action. And when an opportunity presents itself where young players can learn from the coaches of this famous club, it is one which opens spectacular new vistas of learning and understanding the game. Continue reading

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Nature Inspired Creativity

Nature has a way of talking to the innermost creative beings in all of us. The greatest of poets and artists have located their muse in glorious elements of nature, immortalising their creations by an exquisite outpour of expressions.

Meet Misha Raj and Drishti Mangar, our resident talents, each carving a unique niche for themselves by experimenting with different mediums of expression. Continue reading

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War, Violence and Poetry

War, terror, conflict and violence – these abhorrent phenomena are global in character, affecting people beyond just physical injuries. Tales of conflict mar the entire world – be it Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestine or the very recent in our memory, Peshawar. The corrosion of humanitarian values is a subject of constant debate, and what has caught the imagination of many students at our school is the effect wars and terror have on childhood. Continue reading

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Up The Ladder of Excellence

Tales of grit, gumption and dogged pursuit of nothing-but-the best are often heard in the corridors of our school. The month of January revealed more of such instances because the value we had decided to put up for debate, discussion and exploration was ‘Commitment to Excellence’. When we decide that excellence is the ‘only’ way to be, we certainly are putting pressure on ourselves, but this pressure is not one which harasses or undermines confidence. This pressure is a nudge in the right direction, with an implicit assumption that excellence has to reflect in our efforts; results are less of our focus than learnings are. Continue reading

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Great Teachers Are Never Forgotten

It was a day of delight, of pride, of bright smiles and the reiteration of a shared mission. Among the most looked-forward to day in the year is our Cheers to Peers event – a time to honour all the star-performers of our establishment who work relentlessly, day in-day out, to infuse life and reality into our vision of quality education and lifelong learning. Continue reading

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When Our Teachers Go Places!

The holiday season has come with a very unique gift for two of our teachers. Ms. Pooja Sharma and Mr Prakash Sahoo, middle school educators for Science and Mathematics, respectively, have been selected to participate in the prestigious Honeywell Educators @Space Centre programme, having competed with brilliant teachers worldwide! Continue reading

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Understanding Freedom

Freedom is a difficult word to define, much less understand. Everyone has their own notions of the word; but all these notions point towards the same essence. This essence borders on self-determination, free of imposed constraints, in an enabling society. Broken down into simple terms, we all aspire to be free individuals, doing things that we want to do, without anyone stopping us. Continue reading

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