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Art has a language of its own. Artists, those painting their thoughts on a canvas, are creatures of few words. They allow their creations to do the talking. A glimpse at the riot of colours they conjure in their artwork can reveal the myriad emotions their minds are brimming with.

As a matter of lovely coincidence, we have two genius artists in our Gurgaon and Noida school, both named ‘Aarav’. These young ones present much vibrance and skill in their artworks, and are equally shy to engage in a conversation. We spent some time with them, trying to understand how are they able to delve into such a nuanced pursuit, at that young an age. Here are their responses – succinct, but enough to know that they will both be going a long way!

Aarav Verma, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

This Aarav has laurels that could easily be a cause of envy for many. At his tender age, he has already exhibited his creations at the coveted India Habitat Centre, and in an international exhibition held at Abu Dhabi. “The Queen herself visited my exhibition, but I could not meet her”, says Aarav, recollecting his experiences from Abu Dhabi. He not only paints, but is a skillful sculptor as well.  For his exhibition at IHC, he had made more than 150 paintings and sculptures! Now that is an incredible number.


“His paintings and sculptures are in no way precocious. They reflect the authentic moments of creativity that burst out of a child. And one can see his curious eyes seek out animal and insect forms, and even facial peculiarities of fellow human beings and portray them with a sense of discovery that clothes them in mystery. This way of looking at the world around one is characteristic of childhood and this exhibition showcases it.” – These are the words of noted art critic, Suneet Chopra, on Aarav. While Aarav enjoys adding abstract elements to his paintings and sculptures, his personal favourite piece is a dragon painting. Ask him why, and he will promptly tell you, “It is very colourful!” The varied hues he is putting together in his paintings are enchanting many, but he continues to hold his father as his inspiration. We hope art continues to inspire him, and those who visit his future exhibitions.


(More about him and his artworks can be found here –

Aarav Anil Dewan, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

We met Aarav Anil in his classroom, grade 2 Sariska, in the Noida school. He is a shy child, with an unmistakable sparkle in his eyes. This sparkle gets pronounced when you talk to him about his paintings. He loves drawing Avengers and other contemporary cartoons, to gift to his friends. According to his father, the arty journey began when he was as young as two and half year old. “It is his teacher, Hima ma’am, who really understood and encouraged his talent”, says his proud father. “He began by drawing elements from nature, but now draws a lot of cartoons. I am glad he is in a school where his talents are recognized and allowed to flourish”, he further adds.


Shiv Nadar School, Noida, recently inaugurated its own art gallery, called Asmi Gallery. Currently, the gallery is exhibiting Aarav’s works, with these words as his introduction, “Aarav stepped into school with crayola and coloured chalk as his first love. The artist in Aarav instantly connects with each one who beholds his work and a silent conversation between the sensitive artist and the viewer begins.”


The truth of these words dawns on you when you open his blog and witness how he brings together stories and illustrations to take you to another world. It is called Reflections of a Little Mind.

You can view his artworks in this video, which also contains words of praises and blessings from his teachers.

We wish that both our wonderful artists reach the sublime heights of expression. May their art communicate with and inspire millions.

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