Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Before you can know whether a school is the right fit for your child, it is essential to understand what a school wants to achieve for its students and how it intends to do that.


Listed below are the qualities we will look to instill in our students (beyond just academic excellence) and the resources we will focus on to achieve this. Also mentioned are other considerations that you may feel are important to you.

Educational Outcomes


A Skill set to Succeed in the 21st Century


With the pace the world is changing it is hard to teach children everything they will need to know to succeed when they graduate from school. That is why at Shiv Nadar School we focus on equipping our students with a skill set that will allow them to adapt to the ever changing needs of the world around them and succeed in any field of their choice. Our curriculum is built to give every Shiv Nadar School student the ability to:


  • Think Critically
  • Work in Teams
  • Be Creative
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Make Global Connections

Lifelong Learner


Learning doesn't stop when you finish school. Or for that matter ever. That is the number one lesson students will learn at Shiv Nadar School. The project & inquiry based nature of our curriculum work in conjunction to create an open learning environment that fosters curiosity in our students and encourages them to learn independently from the teacher. These qualities will stand Shiv Nadar School students in great stead during their higher education where the ability to learn beyond the classroom propels a student to the top of the class.

Ethics & Values


We recognize that good grades matter, but being a good human being matters more. Our Core Values will act as a guide for the actions of everyone at Shiv Nadar School and in doing so will be imbibed by our students.


A Passion for the Arts


The Shiv Nadar Foundation has a rich heritage when it comes to the arts. KNMA is a shining beacon of Indian art and will lend great support to the development of the arts program at Shiv Nadar School coupled with AHA! Time students will have the best platform to express their artistic expression making Shiv Nadar School a hotbed of creativity and self-expression.


Physical Health & Well Being


In the modern world our children are increasingly shut off from the great outdoors and physical exertion. As children turn increasingly towards technology for entertainment outside of school, it is important that school curriculum evolve to devote greater time towards sport and outdoor activities. This is why we made the deeply considered decision to extend school hours to 3:30 pm and allow children increased participation in sport through AHA! Time as well as the regular timetable.

Our Areas of Emphasis




Research has shown that teachers are the single most important in-school factor in a child's education. In order to ensure that Shiv Nadar School always has the strongest faculty, not only do we offer the some of the highest salaries and workplace benefits; we've also developed the most rigorous recruitment process, which entails 5 rounds of interviews that enable us to look beyond just academic merit to a love of children and passion for teaching.

Once recruited Shiv Nadar School teachers are exposed to over 80 hours of in-service training annually delivered by leading specialists from the world over as well as our own teacher development team.

Curriculum Development


Access to Shiv Nadar Foundations repository of curricular knowledge built over 17 years from experience in K12, rural, online and higher education gives us a great advantage when it comes to developing a curriculum that is able to meet the high aspirations we have for our students. To capitalize on this advantage Shiv Nadar School has a dedicated Curriculum Team with experts in all subject matters that work solely on the curriculum to ensure it is relevant and engaging for students.
This team is also supplemented with experts from the SNU College of Education who always strive to be on the forefront of research on how students learn.They ensure that our curriculum is always leveraging the most advanced methodologies in order to maximize learning outcomes amongst our students.

Low Teacher-Student Ratios


In order to ensure that individual attention is paid to every child we are committed to capping the number of students in a section at 25 in the pre-primary classes and at 30 from Grade 1 and above. Furthermore, in the formative years (Nursery - Grade 2) every section will have two teachers.

Other Advantages

Sibling Preference


At Shiv Nadar School we recognize the importance of family and in this spirit we guarantee preference in admission is given to the siblings of our student.

Movement to Other Cities


With a goal of building 25 schools over the next 10 years, Shiv Nadar School will have a presence in most of the major metropolises of India. We will strive to ensure that our students can transfer easily between schools.

Strong College Counseling Services


Our foundation's roots are in Higher Education and with strong links to colleges both international and domestic we have an intrinsic understanding of what it takes to get into the best colleges. We will strive to ensure that our students have every advantage when it comes to college applications and will help them through the process; from choosing the right university to building an application that gives them the best chance of admission.