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At the Pre Primary and Primary Level, JodoGyan is helping in development and delivery of Mathematics Curriculum. JodoGyan is a self-supporting, not-for-profit organization working in the area of activity based education since 1998. JodoGyan’s efforts arise from the conviction that quality education can be provided to our children only by linking their thought processes with their own experiences. The focus is to provide complementary services for the formal education imparted in schools by developing/making available materials and modules for activity based learning.



EduSports is India’s leading Integrated School Sports/Physical Education Company. They are assisting Shiv Nadar School in delivering the curriculum of Physical Education at schools through material and resource person support.



In our endeavor to make the learning teaching environment most effective while keeping the learner in the center, we have collaborated with Chalopadho. They help us execute the Flip Classroom Model, by expertly merging online classroom experience with the traditional class room teaching. They create an online space to conduct classes or to simply augment face-to-face classroom teaching.


For us at Shiv Nadar School, visual arts education is one of the critical areas and a space which gives freedom for students to visualize, innovate, and develop as creative young thinkers. For the coming academic session, we will be collaborating with Art1st to support us in implementation of the Art Education Program for primary school. This is in alignment with our vision and goal in art education which is already being implemented in both our schools encompassing art appreciation, expression, communication and skills.