Nani dadi ki kahaani 21

At the Shiv Nadar School we recognize that parents can add a lot of value to the schooling of their children when engaged properly. From the outset we've tried to develop a parent partnership program that gives interested parents an opportunity to contribute to their child's schooling. Parents can do so directly, through active participation with children at home and at the school;  or indirectly, through participation in committees and feedback that aid the development of the school.


We have a diverse, vibrant and committed parent body, who engage with the school in the following manners -

      • Parent Committees
        There are several parent committees in our schools, which preside over different aspects of the school, like meals, transport etc. These committees are representatives of the parent body at large. They ensure that their respective jurisdictions are run in line with parent expectations.
      • Online Interactions
        In order to make it easier for parents to play an active role in their child's schooling, parents have access to certain information about their wards, like report cards and attendance, online. Furthermore, actively monitored forums are available on our Learning Management System (LMS) where parents can interact amongst each other or with the school directly to put forward their suggestions or just exchange information. We also share snippets about the school on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and regularly update our blog, called Shiv Nadar School Buzz, about the various activities being conducted at the school.
      • Annual Parent Survey 
        It is an institutional practice at Shiv Nadar School to seek formal feedback from our parents, whom we consider key partners in our pursuit of excellence. We conduct a survey towards the end of an academic session. This survey encapsulates essential parameters, ranging from academics to administration, all of which come together to contribute towards the student-centric learning environment that we strive to create at our school.


Parents are always welcome at the school and are given plenty of opportunities to be involved with children during school hours. Following are the highlights of parent engagement at school.


    • Those with exceptional talent in an Art or Sport are encouraged to participate as guest instructors' during Aha! Time to aid in the development of the co-scholastic skills of our students.
    • Parents and grand parents are invited to participate in certain classroom activities, assemblies or projects that their children are involved in.
    • The school organises 'Career Days', when parents from different walks of life talk about their professional experiences to help students prepare for their own future.


The time children spend with their parents is important to their socio-emotional growth. The role parents play in the growth of their children cannot be replicated by anyone, which is why we've incorporated 'Reflection Time' during school hours. This is when students go over the work assigned to them with their teachers, so as to complete most of it at school, and hence be free to spend quality time with parents at home.