Shiv Nadar Schools share a common 'Core Team'. The role of this team is to provide support to every Shiv Nadar School across a wide variety of functions.


The Core Team is an aggregate of 2 different teams and their support staff :


  1. The Management Team
    supports each school by taking on most of the operational and administrative burden of activities such as teacher recruitment, admissions and finance. This allows the school teams to focus solely on the educational and emotional development of their students. The average Principal polled in a stand-alone school spends almost 70% of their time on administrative tasks, which is clearly a massive hindrance to their productivity. By centralizing operations we are also able to negotiate preferential rates from vendors and these cost savings are passed onto parents.

  3. The Curriculum and Teacher Empowerment Team
    houses experts in the domains of curriculum and teacher development. They work alongside the respective Heads of Department in each school to ensure that we are adopting the most progressive teaching methodologies and that the curriculum is constantly evolving and remains relevant to the world at large. They also work alongside the Principals to aid in teacher training and development. Every teacher at Shiv Nadar School commits to a minimum of 175 hours of in-service training per year


The role of the Core Team will expand in years to come to incorporate things like college counseling and building relationships with colleges to provide Shiv Nadar School students with an edge when it comes higher education.