Clubs at Shiv Nadar School are enrichment spaces that give students the freedom to explore their interest as a focused activity for joy and  a sense of accomplishment. These clubs also present students with the opportunities to get involved with the community, solve real-world problems and have stimulate their creativity cells. Through these clubs our students get a platform to deepen their knowledge, and develop personal-social skills related to the world of work. Engagement with a club of their own choice gives students an opportunity to be stake holders for leadership training. The teacher acts as a facilitator guide.

Environment Club

The Environment Club aims to bring and spread awareness about various environmental issues like cleanliness, pollution, energy crisis, global warming etc. and to create models on healthy and sustainable living. The Club works to create and implement programs and projects to reduce waste and pollution.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club aims to develop a sense of appreciation of one’s cultural interconnectedness of the past, present and the future.

Literary Club

The Literary Club aims at helping our students enhance their overall communication skills and strengthen their public speaking abilities in a fun and friendly environment. Our club offers a wide range of activities like impromptu speaking, debates, presentations and the like. Students are encouraged to discuss about various authors and their work.

Photography and Visual Arts Club

The Photography and Visual Arts Club aspires to give children a voice through photography and opportunities to think differently through this visual medium. This club works along with the other clubs to document and enhance their activities.