Principal's Message

Ms. Shashi Banerjee

An invocation

Co-creating a habitat of Learning for the New Age Learner is the most engaging, enriching and empowering engagement a community undertakes. We are privileged to invite you as partners in this endeavour.

These are special times. The melting octaves of a maturing democracy create a symphony of a myriad moods, a New India emerges, an India that is witnessing an Innovations movement. Village craftsmen, Farmers, Corporate, technocrats, managers, artists, entrepreneurs, housewives, bureaucrats, scientists, roadside mechanics, the NRI’s, all are involved in this new grand enterprise. It is in response to this need to provide a nourishing and nurturing environment to the inheritors, partakers and caretakers of this new India that the Shiv Nadar Schools reach out.

Innovations have been a part of Indian heritage and tradition- from the improvisation of breathing to the synthesis of mind and body systems, from the discovery of zero and the decimal system to being the cradle of an ancient civilisation and major world religions, from being home to the first global Universities such as Nalanda and Takshila, to architectural and engineering marvels. Innovations in technology, governance and business models are the key drivers of change in the present times and the combined use of space technology and mobile telephony has unleashed a revolution in the field of education as much as in other fields of human endeavour. But humanity at large needs a resuscitation of values.

What then is the fundamental role of a school in nurturing humanity?
How do we raise children who contribute towards making the world a better place?
If our children are to shape a world of their dreams, what kinds of knowledge and skills are most important for them to learn?
Which are the conditions under which they learn best?

The pursuit of answers to these and a host of questions that concern the true purpose of education "attainment of peace, freedom, justice and therefore happiness for self and others" will guide the processes and practices of our School.

At the Shiv Nadar Schools, education for peace contextualises learning. We live in an age of unprecedented violence: locally, nationally and globally. Peace concretises the purpose of values and motivates their internalisation. Inner peace is the kernel of collective peace. The ability to respond justly and affirmatively to the needs and sufferings of the others is the hallmark of authentic inner peace - a commitment to effective citizenship and secularism. Our tradition teaches compassion; our philosophy preaches compassion and our constitution practices compassion. At Shiv Nadar School we are committed never to dilute it.

For us, every child is a soul in evolution, a psychic being born on earth to grow through experiences and fulfill a deeper sense of purpose. Our task then as teachers is to relate to this spark- the child- with love, and to serve it. Our task is to nourish the seed, and the plant will bloom as it chooses. The mind must be consulted in its growth. Values are the water, the soil, the air and the sun with which we nourish the plant. For we believe, nothing can be taught, all knowledge exists within us, it only needs to be uncovered.

With this as an invocation and a commitment , we, caretakers, facilitators , and, essentially all of us co- learners, welcome you to this mindful laboratory of learning- a universe that pulsates with the dreams and aspirations of each aspirant who is or aspires to be a new Buddha, a Gandhi, a Ramanujam, an Aryabhatta, a Michael Angelo, a CV Raman, a Bismillah khan, a Satyajit Ray, a Florence Nightingale, a Pele, a Laxmibai, a Meera, a Kalam, a Rahman, a Spielberg or for that matter a Shiv Nadar, to make a difference to the world we live in , now and beyond!

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