A wise man, anonymous in the face of contemporary information explosion, once said, “To read or not to read, is a silly question.” At Shiv Nadar School, we firmly believe in and emphasize upon the value reading holds in the life of a learner, and hence, we are involved in a conscious effort towards evolving a strong reading culture in school. Reading not only is a source of recreation for our students, but it is almost indispensable when it comes to when it comes to stimulating creativity and imagination.


Our teachers equip the early readers with all the technical skills at this stage like sound conventions, decoding strategies, breaking into syllables, sight vocabulary, dealing with unconventional sounds. Besides these skills they also learn to engage with the story and learn to map the story line.


Once they master the basic reading, at Grade II to IV levels, our curriculum focuses to a large extent on building up the literacy skills. Children learn to analyze texts, make connections, compare, describe, make decision to choose right reading and make reading as an important vocation.


Grade V onwards, reading is completely an independent decision and children use reading for varied purposes.