“The Element is the meeting point between one’s natural aptitude and personal passion. When people are in their element, they connect with something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and well-being. Being there provides a sense of self-revelation, of defining who they really are and what they are meant to be doing with their lives. Hence, finding one’s element is essential to one’s well-being and ultimate success” – Ken Robinson


The Element has two main features, and there are two conditions for being in it. The features are aptitude and passion. The conditions are attitude and opportunity. The sequence goes something like this: I get it; I love it; I want it; where is it?


Through Aha!, we strive to inspire the children to find the Element for themselves. It will provide the Opportunity to discover Aptitudes, create Passion and develop Attitude.


The Aha! Time is a consolidated time of 1 ½ hours of activities every day, apart from the academic time-table in school, which complements the classroom transactions. The AHA! Curriculum enables investigation, preparation, stimulation, development, co-ordination, experience, sublimation, therapy, expression, communication, recapitulation, celebration and relaxation in the child. The curriculum is divided into two major streams:


      • I Discover - This encompasses the arts and sports.
      • I Blossom - This includes activities that are both fun and meaningful, and enhance life skills.