Learning at Shiv Nadar Schools is student-centric with an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. Our understanding of curriculum design is intertwined with how we understand what learning is and how students learn.


Using appropriate learning contexts, tools of inquiry, multiple ways of assessing students’ progress, helping a student become an independent learner, are some of the areas we had focused more than just transforming with information and content. Skills of inquiry, critical thinking and correlation with their environment are embedded into the curriculum.


There is a healthy balance between the scholastic and the co-scholastic domains in the daily program of learning and we aim to develop motivated, confident and independent learners aligned to our core value of a lifelong learner.


“The curriculum must enable children to find their voices, nurture their curiosity—to do things, to ask questions and to pursue investigations, sharing and integrating their experiences with school knowledge—rather than their ability to reproduce textual knowledge”-National Curriculum Framework, 2005 (NCERT, New Delhi).


The learning environment at Shiv Nadar School provide spaces where students are encouraged to nurture and develop their curiosity enabling them to create and invent new vistas for themselves, collaborating and co-creating new knowledge.